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DRD Precision Firearms

DRD Precision Firearms Gunsmithing/Armoring

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As firearms owners, we typically do our own general maintinance to ensure our firearms work as designed.  Occassionally our firearms may need some additional work such as a new barrel, new grips, new handguards, trigger work, etc...  Sometimes our firearms need major repair work or replacement of broken and worn out parts that requires an experienced gunsmith.  Contact us at (760) 213-8639 and let our expertise and experience do the work for you. 

Our price for gunsmith work starts at $35.00 and is based on the amount of time and parts necessary to fix the firearm. You cover shipping & handling if applicable.  Here are some of the service and prices we offer.  Contact us if you need assistance and have something that needs work even if it isn't listed below.

Gunsmithing Pricing
General gunsmithing labor $75.00/hr
Inspection, function test, and cleaning (most guns) $35.00 – $75.00
Inspection, function test, and cleaning (most long guns) $75.00
Full detail strip, inspection, clean, and function test $99.00
Hand gun sight installation $75.00
Scope mount and bore sight $69.00
Stock refinishing $209.00
Pillar and glass bed rifle action $159.00
(Price does not include materials, which varies)
Trigger work, rifle or pistol $99.00
Trigger kit install, rifle or pistol $75.00
AR-15 work (replace/install gas blocks, muzzle devices, triggers, handguards, etc…) $75.00
(Price does not include materials, which varies)
Shotgun butt pad fitting $69.00

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